Video Library

The landscape for food safety and public health regulation in the US - and most countries - is complex. Below you’ll find a compilation of videos that can help get you up to speed on various topics ranging from health inspection basics to applications of technology and artificial intelligence that help move the needle on public health.

Health Inspections Explained

Local health departments conduct thousands of restaurant inspections every day. However, these inspections and their results are often not well-understood. That’s why we decided to unpack all things health inspection related in this four-part educational short video series.
Part 1: What Is a Health Inspection?

Become a health inspection "expert" in less than 3 minutes.

Part 2: What Do Health Inspectors Check For?

The short answer: a lot. In this video, we breakdown the different inspection and violation types to help tackle this question.

Part 3: What Does a Health Inspection Score Mean?

Learn all about health inspection scores, and what they can and can’t tell you about a restaurant’s food safety and sanitation practices.

Part 4: Why Are There So Many Health Departments in the US?

Learn about the complexity factors of the US health department landscape, and how they might impact consumers, food service operators, and industry providers alike.

Presentations and Webinars

Below we have curated a selection of presentations, webinars, and panel discussions that we have led or participated in over the years.
How Can AI Keep Your Food Safe?

Watch Kevin Ruth, Hazel Product Manager, give a brief overview of how the food service industry uses Hazel's AI, machine learning, and other technologies to improve food safety. This presentation was given at the 2020 IFT conference.

Using Technology to Connect the Food Industry with Regulators

Watch Arash Nasibi, Hazel CEO, give a presentation on how Hazel uses technology to connect the food industry with regulators, followed by Q&A with food safety experts from McDonald’s and Starbucks. This presentation was given at the 2020 GFSI conference.

Predictive Analytics For the Food Safety Supply Chain (Virtual Panel)

Andrew Harrison, CTO at Hazel Analytics, participated in a tech industry panel discussion on predictive analytics for the food supply chain. The discussion was organized and moderated by Agroknow.

Insights and Learnings from Regulatory Food Safety Inspection Data on a National Scale

Are you a food service operator, retailer, or otherwise subject to health department inspections? Learn from Hazel Analytics' CTO, Andrew Harrison, how our data-driven technology improves food safety, compliance, and brand risk management.