Health inspection data at your fingertips. Contact us to find out how you can access the industry's leading food safety database with our Restaurant Inspection & Safety Knowledge (RISK) API.

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Who is it for?

Do you have a specialized use case that is best served by direct access to our continuously expanding proprietary database? If so, our data APIs may be a great fit for your organization. We do the data munging and interpretation, so you don't have to.

Common Data Challenges

  • Ad-hoc, fragmented, and messy data samples
  • Simple binary indicators of risk at best, and difficult-to-interpret noisy data at worst
  • Large volumes of non-curated data without supporting domain expertise

Hazel's Solutions

  • Regularly refreshed, central, and standardized data source
  • Panel data clearly classifies and quantifies risk signals
  • Purpose built dataset based on subject matter knowledge of regulatory landscape

We offer both standard and custom API options to meet your specific needs:

Standard Search-Based API

Pay by hit (monthly minimum applies).

Custom Data Delivery

Scheduled data brick deliveries (subscription based).

Every year, we pipe millions of inspection records to leading companies and Fortune 500s that span a wide array of industries and diverse stakeholders, including but not limited to:

RISK API Users & Use Cases

Insurance carriers

Restaurant policy underwriting

Information solutions providers

Incorporate Hazel data attributes in bundled offerings


Understand intra and inter jurisdictional trends, inform policy making

Research institutions

Sample data for research projects

Let's start a conversation about how our API can service your needs.

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