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Who is it for?

Whether you run an upscale sushi restaurant or a group of casual burger franchises, Inspection Intel helps you improve your restaurant's food safety and make sure that health inspectors don't catch you by surprise.

Get a comprehensive picture of how your restaurants are performing, complete with a digital history of your health inspections, comparisons to other local restaurants, and powerful predictive analytics.

  • Monitor your food safety performance and gain new insights.
  • Benchmark your restaurant against the competition.
  • Demystify your next health inspection.
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Get your health inspection history instantly in one place in a user-friendly dashboard.


See comparisons to other restaurants and what violations are most common in your area.

Hazel Score

Our proprietary score shows how your restaurant compares to others in your area.

Industry-Leading Tools

Access datasets and analytics used by food safety teams at the nation's leading restaurant chains.

Know What's Coming

Predictions for inspection timing and violation types that inspectors are focusing on.


Leverage tools that are designed to inform and educate.

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