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Our award-winning Food Safety Insights (FSI) software demystifies your food safety and regulatory compliance risks.

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Who is it for?

Corporate food safety and quality assurance teams at the nation's leading restaurant chains trust FSI to help keep tabs on their food safety compliance and actively seek out areas for operational improvement.

FSI takes care of the idiosyncrasies in regulatory health inspections so you don't have to. The platform collects millions of inspections from thousands of jurisdictions, standardizes and sanitizes that data, and provides powerful analytics that enables large multi-unit operators to easily manage their food safety risk and compliance.

  • Keep restaurants operating safely. Monitor for critical events and avoid costly shutdowns.
  • Protect your brand standards and maintain your reputation.
  • Know what's happening on the ground. Gain a holistic view of all your restaurants.


Powerful Insights

Seamlessly move from high-level trends to in-depth analysis for any slice of data.

Risk Management

Monitor for critical issues in near real-time. Quickly take action to address high-risk events.


Compare your performance against your peers, down to individual brands.

Industry-Leading Tools

Use tools that have been market-tested by food safety teams from leading national and global companies, winning multiple awards along the way.

Hazel Score

Leverage our proprietary scoring system to easily identify risks and compare your facilities across jurisdictions with varying standards.


We believe in improving public health by providing useful tools for the restaurant industry, not by being punitive.

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