Food Safety Insights™

Award-winning software that demystifies health inspection data to help quality assurance teams manage food safety risk and compliance.

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  • Predict high-risk events and step in before they occur.
  • Monitor for critical issues in near real-time to avoid costly fines and shutdowns.
  • Identify and strengthen operational gaps to drive process improvements.


Intuitive Dashboards

Simple, standardized inspection data for a holistic view of all your restaurants. Seamlessly move from high-level insights to in-depth analysis.

Corrective Action

Assign action items with just a few clicks. Track, analyze, and automate tasks to swiftly address issues.

Flexible Tools

Customize your data, email alerts, and automation tools to effortlessly fit your workflow and organizational needs.


Compare your performance against industry averages or specific peer brands.

Standardized Score

Easily understand and compare store performance across jurisdictions with varying standards.

Violation Mapping

Simplify thousands of violation types into standard FDA-recommended risk items to uncover high-level trends across your stores.

"We consider Hazel’s technology the best in the business."

Red Robin

Emily Thompson

Director of Food Safety & Risk Management, Red Robin

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