Delivery Partner Oversight Platform™

Drive accountability in food safety and compliance across your food service and retail partner network. Find out how companies like Instacart and Uber Eats use our Delivery Partner Oversight Platform (DPOP) to protect their reputation and delight customers.

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Who is it for?

Leading food delivery companies like Instacart use DPOP to make data-driven decisions to maintain trust between restaurants and consumers and get ahead of safety or compliance-related issues.

Tap into Hazel's powerful analytics platform, which collects and standardizes data around the clock from thousands of local health departments to provide actionable intelligence.

  • Create transparency with your partner restaurants.
  • Protect your customers from poor food safety practices.
  • Identify and address critical safety and compliance issues quickly.


Manage Risks

Monitor for critical issues and reduce the time between high-risk events and corrective action.

Screen Partners

Maintain high standards by finding partners that are leaders in food safety, quality, and hygiene.

Industry-Leading Tools

Take advantage of datasets and analytics used by leading food safety teams.


Seamlessly move from high-level trends to in-depth analysis of any slice of data.

Hazel Score

Our proprietary score cuts through the data noise and easily identifies top and bottom performers.


Improve public health with tools designed to help the restaurant industry.

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